Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Cat me if you can!

When I unlock the door and enter the house, the first thing I see is the cat looking up at me with her wide, appealing eyes. Everyday!
Then she starts her stretching exercises instantly. Rolling onto her side on the fluffy foot mat in the corridor, she turns an arc backwards and flips over to repeat the feat. Each time, her digits stretch wide, exposing her tiny talons. Then she gets up on to her forelegs and stretches her hind legs methodically. Hindleg balancing follows with foreleg stretching. Then lets out a single short throaty 'meaow' looking up at me!
You know what she just said? You don't understand cat language, so let me translate it for you. 'Darling, I got so bored at home! I'm glad you are back. But what took you so long? Oh, before you go into your room, can you open that small red packet of my favourite catfood with jelly? I think I could use a bite of it! Love you so much!'
You won't believe it, but I drink alcohol only once in a fortnight now after the cat got into my life! I used to skip once in a fortnight earlier! Serious.
So I go into the kitchen, with the cat racing between my legs eagerly. And while I'm rinsing her bowl n opening the red packet of her favourite food, she rubs herself against my legs, n blinks her eyes slowly to tell me how much she loves me for this part of my daily routine.
Then when the day ends and I tuck in between the sheets, she snuggles up next me and makes wierd noises, lickin herself. She stopped going into Katya's bed now, and ofcourse Katya feels bad about it! The downside of it is, the cat has to wake up everytime you wake up or thrash around in bed. And you have to wake up whenever she feels hungry in the morning - that's about 6.30 am to 7.00 am of the cat jumping on you and making wierder noises in your ear. It doesn't end there! After I wake up to feed her, only to go back to my bed, she comes into the room and starts chasing miscellaneous pieces of paper and plastic on the floor making the biggest ruckus since 9/11! I curse and chase her out sometimes and other times I just give up and get up from my unfinished sleep!
It's amazing how attached I got to a silly cat! I mean, I was the same guy who advertised in June that I wanted a flatmate who doesn't smoke or doesn't have pets. I took a smoker flatmate in the end, but the smoke never enters the flat, so it's ok. But pets? I wasn't so sure. Then the cat entered my life stealthily. It was supposed to stay only for a week, but now I told my flatmate that I want the cat IN the flat, and if anyone, ANYONE dares snatch it from me, including the nine year old daugther of my flatmate who it originally belonged to, I'd get VERY VERY NASTY! So Katya got the message loud-n-clear and Nyusha stayed back in the flat.
At times I do find the cat annoying, particularly when the litter box smells horrible in the toilet, right next to the sanctum sanctorum of my litter box or when I go to office to discover a thousand cat hairs on the seat of my trousers - attached from my computer chair where Nyusha sleeps during the day! I just remind myself of my promise that I'd never get angry with her! When you are in love, all this comes naturally. How many Karan Johar movies did you see where they proved that(with SRK's nose n upper lip quivering when he says that)!
Now I know why lonely, old, balding bachelors n spinsters keep pets for company. I'm on my way ppl! Rite on the way there ;)

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