Monday, October 06, 2008

One More Rock Song Please

Rock is what you listen to when you are pissed off with life!

It's awesome how a door opens in your mind, and opens a new side to you! I was watching 'School of Rock' last night, where Jack Black took pains to explain what Rock is all about.... And why do people Rock, when do people Rock..

I tried to be a Rock fan when I was a teenager, but didn't like it much to be honest! May be I was matured beyond my years and was unnaturally at peace with the pathetic quagmire of life I was dragging my feet in. Like a mangled mongrel returning to the filth of the gutter night after night! I followed that routine until yesterday....

Now that I have catharsized myself to a state of mind befitting an underformed brain in an overdeveloped adoloscent, I immersed myself into the spirit of Rock before I knew. Ever since yesterday I've been listening to Rock whenever I'm pissed off... That's jus about the whole goddam time

I began with classic Rock stations... but the reason why I was pissed off in the original place remained. I graduated to Progressive Rock for more sound... so on and so forth, if you care even a tiny bit to know. And all the while, the reason played havoc with my mind when I stopped listening

Now I'm at the hard rock and heavy metal stations after a half an hour of quiet walk caused mayhem, crushing my stability.... I think I crossed a line somewhere in the process, and don' want to return anymore

This is what Dream Theater is screamin right now

"I've been wasting my breath on you
Open minds will descend upon you
To those who understand, I extend my hand
To the doubtful I demand, take me as I am..."

The electric guitar solo jus ended and the drums are crashing totally in sync with my turmoil in my soul! Damn it, why didn't I discover the Rock side of me so far!!

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