Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Hail the King

Obama and McCain just got out of their second Presidential debate. Both traded punches, and McCain played McNasty for a few moments. The eternal Hope engine, Barack Obama, gave his well-rehearsed discourses. People want to know who won the debate, and the massive media engine will start its news, analysis, opinion, counter-opinion, satire etc etc.
But you know what the most interesting thing, reading about the debate was?
Check out the headlines in the American media:
CNN: "McCain, Obama clash on the economy, taxes"
New York Times: "Obama and McCain clash over economy"
Washington Post: "Economy Dominates Debate"
No one wants to say which way the debate went! Everyone is cautious... waiting to see what the people say!
Now check out the world news media!!
Irish Times, Ireland: "Obama comes out on top in tense political debate" "Victory on Points for Obama"
Radio Netherlands: "Obama wins second debate with McCain"
ABC Online, Australia: "Polls give debate win to Obama"
Geez, the entire world wants Obama to win!

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