Friday, November 14, 2008

The Hundredth Post!!

Friends, well-wishers, my people: The blog is back with all its 99 posts! And here's number 100!
It took some effort to rebuild the site again. Thanks to little Ms.Nayak for suggesting the solution to recover my lost posts! And thanks to Uttara too, for offering to rebuild part of the posts from her records!
A big bow to Devan for his wonderful obituary to the demise of my old blog! Now that it magically resurrected itself, I feel compelled to dedicate this rebirth to the obituary you had written!
"So much for non-attachment!" said a friend, when I revealed my plans for resurrection of all the 99 posts with date stamps included. All I could do was to give a sheepish grin! My 99th post spoke of various profoundly philosophical metaphors enlisted in a solemn tone. "Prematurely Martyred" is what I would like to call that part of me that wrote it. Well, it was a baby lost and as stone hearted as I may be, that loss moved me for a moment! Anyway, I'm saving those thoughts for a good laugh later!
Here it is, the blog in its new form! The date stamps before 1st July '07 could not be recovered, so the first twenty posts dating from November 2005 onwards are now dated 1st July 2007. (Not that it matters to anyone) But more importantly, the comments received until 11/11/08 are unfortunately lost!
Here's a summary of the blog so far:

(Categorized by Labels)

  • 9 Short stories, 12 Poems, 5 articles of creative writing and 16 articles of creatively written anecdotes. That's the bulk of my imagination!
  • 16 pieces of opinion, 8 movie reviews, 25 posts updating statuses, recording minor thoughts, celebrating occasions and mourning deaths
  • Also 4 news/photo features, 2 featured poems and 1 recipe
  • And not to forget, this 100th post!
It has been a wonderful experience so far, and I hope it will remain so! Thank you very much for being on my blog. It means a lot to me when someone takes time to read what I wrote and tells me that even a little part of it made for an enjoyable reading. I sincerely appreciate the time you spare for me!


  1. Congratulations on no.100! Keep blogging, 'cuz its definitely interesting to read.
    ~not so very li'l miss Nayak