Wednesday, July 09, 2008


If you notice, most arguments about a specific topic blow up into a general disagreement with the policy, positions and even existence of each counterparty!

I mean, look at the Left reacting to the nuclear deal. They supported everything this governement did, except the nuclear deal and had the government dumped the deal, the marriage would be intact still! But it wasn't meant to be, and now the Left suddenly has a problem with everything that happened in the last four years - as if they had never been a part of it at all!! Makes one wonder, if there is such a thing as fairness in life at all!

I was thinking, all arguments in any relationship too become like this! Even the slightest disagreement about the colour of bathroom tiles in the new flat, invokes that incident in '94 when "you decided to buy a white car because your mom asked you to!! If you don't want to take my advice, why do you ask then?"

Which is why, I feel my way of arguments is always the best! I manage to sustain my style of arguments for atleast 50% of the time when I have a disagreement with someone. You'll agree that 50% is a very high percentage! So, what is this unique style of argument that I'm so proud of?

It is simply this: Don't Argue!

Silly? No. That is not all. When I have a grudge, disagreement and there is no need to react immediately, I take long solitary walks. Sounds like a cheap motivational book advice? Don't jump the gun so soon! You always behave like this!! Even last year, when we went to Goa, you...... Ok, ok! We won't argue! ;)

So when I take these walks, I argue with my opponent in my mind vehemently and with military precision (not Indian military!). I demolish my opponent's ego, even manage a few gems of sarcasm that deserve to go down in the Hall of Fame, make him/her see the truth and logic and fairness of my argument, and in the end I win the argument. Always! After that I give a few concessions to my vanquished opponent because, after all, he/she is a nice guy too, and it was just a momentary lapse of reason! So I let a few remarks pass, forgive a few mistakes, strike out a mutually beneficial compromise and in the end, it is always win-win!

At the next available opportunity, when the physical manifestation of my opponent is all geared up for the impending argument, I walk-in with a broad smile, agree to whatever he/she says, present the compromise formula that we had already agreed upon during my secret arguments and lo! there you have it!

It works atleast 50% of the times!

And you say I'm not a genius!!

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