Monday, July 14, 2008

Lov-e! Seriously Serious!

A late review of 'Jane tu... ya jaane na'!
Two words: Teen Flick
One Word: Cliched
You want lot of words? Hmm... you ppl love me, don' u?!
Ok folks, I'm more than a week late, but I really wanted to review this movie.. I've been reading about this one quite a lot, and the cry babies in the Bawejas made it much more compelling for me to watch it!
Touted as the Dil Chahta Hai of this college-going generation, Jane tu.. is making too many headlines. Frankly, I thought the movie was rated right by critics, but the sycophantic filmy-media, found suddenly cozying up to Aamir's camp, is making its own rules for this one!
Abbas Tyrewala's debut movie promises to be exactly that. A debut movie of a typical bollywood director named Abbas Tyrewala! Mind you, he's not a typical new-age bollywood director! I almost typed that when the memories of a few other recent movies made me correct myself. He's just a bollywood director. Not new age. Let's leave him at that!
This tale of two friends, nee lovers, offers nothing new in terms of real plot value. It is a tale of a just-out -of-college crowd with its cliched constituents in the form of Jai Rathore, the non-violent sleeping tiger with genes of brave rajputs, the cat-girl Aditi, Jigness - the gujju guy, Rotlu, a rotund nice guy, his silly girlfriend, and a know-all girl who talks with a self-assured expression most of the times. And the mandatory other man/woman who all force the lead characters to realize their hidden feelings and make sense out of those filmy scenes that follow!
Jai and Aditi are such close friends, that everyone thinks they love each other. Except the couple, that is. And they go about searching for love elsewhere. Silly people! What do they know, Abbas Tyrewala has other plans! Enter the sweet-romantic girl who's perfect in all aspects except that she isn't 'the one' for Jai, and a made-match with the stud-I-always-wanted-to-marry for Aditi, who turns out to be a jerk after all. These new characters hang around until the lead couple realizes in the last scenes that they do love each other!
But is it too late?
The hero is in jail and the heroine, on her way to the mystery land of elves called the USA where she can't be contacted on phone or internet and will be lost forever! And their Lov-e is unrequited! Thrilling, eh? The stereotypes of bad-guys-who're-actually-good-guys come to the rescue act, the hero gallops on a horse through the Mumbai Tourist Map landmarks to claim his lady love, minutes before she boards her flight!
Abbas Tyrewala's Magnum Opus, indeed!
That said, isn't there something about this movie, that makes all those silly romantic teens go ga-ga about? Did I hear someone say, 'True Love'?! It isn't love, silly... it is 'Lov-e'! 'Lov-e'. Say it again, 'Lov-e'! You got to stress the syllable at the end! Like luv-uh... Say it aloud once, and you'll know what I mean!
Like Aditi's mom in the movie says, all of us wish for that special someone in our life. And how do we know when that someone is really special? Remember DTPH? Dil Toh Pagal Hai! How did you forget? Or K2H2? You don't remember Kuch Kuch Hota Hai? Ah, that's better!
See? That is what bollywood is really about. Those dreams, that something that you wish was in your life too, the silly romance and the pure fun! The puppy love of Bobby, the passion of QSQT, the mature romance of Cheeni Kum! People forget the eternal struggle that is reality and watch some screen character realizing a pure dream, and they share the joy and sorrow that is Lov-e! Pity, we people killed our inner romantics and moved on to RGVs and Shimit Amins! A Jaane Tu reminds you once in a while that there are people who still believe... In that way, you could say the movie was a success!
It is excusable that the director just made a sloppy effort with his characters and the actors were too naive to move beyond the cliche. It is ok if too many scenes not connected to the script were infused, the ones that were conceived in the idle hours over years of directorial ambition. It is ok if the film was too filmy, too bollywood! Lov-e cures all, doesn't it?
I go to sleep absolutely sure that this movie isn't Dil Chahta Hai by any lengths of wildest imagination. And I wonder why Mumbai in Bollywood movies looks so clean and its air so unpolluted at nights! And before the smart-alecks among you remind me that most of it was a set, I meant Mumbai as a metaphor...
Metaphor for what?? Metaphor for Lov-e, stupid! Lov-e! Seriously Serious!

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