Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Are you Gay?

I found this interesting quote on a fellow frequent reviewer's profile on MouthShut.com : ’’Heterosexual intercourse is the pure, formalized expression of contempt for women’s bodies.’’ -- Andrea Dworkin
My take on that was........WHAT??
I'll elaborate that What?, if you please. I asked this reviewer what drove her to believe that, and she said 'Boss, I'm a Lesbian'.
Perfectly fine with me, I don't have any problem with lesbians. But what really set me thinking was the sensationalist tendencies of that absurd and utterly untrue quote and the way it was lapped up for cheap publicity and the piteous attempt made by this girl to bask in its supposed feminist glory.
Strong language? Yeah, because I feel strongly against people who resort to such gimmicks.
Andrea Dworkin was a very well known radical feminist who created storms with her views and speeches. Some people think that she caused more damage to the feminist cause than good, due to her radical and absurd claims. Like the above one. For all the things she said and did, she lived in with a guy feminist and married him secretly, all the while claiming that she was lesbian and that guy claimed he was gay.
Btw, I just said that because I wanted to damage Dworkin's credibility a bit before I criticize her views. So let's get to business straight away.
What is it that makes a 'liberated' homosexual bandy his/her sexuality so blatantly? I often found that members of the pseudo-intellectual homosexual community go to great lengths to announce their sexuality to the world. They go around wearing Gay-ish clothes, develop Gay-ish swagger and tell every other person they meet, 'I'm Gay'. They make their sexuality a way of life, instead of just keeping it as a part of their lives. Do they try to overcome the repression they are subjected to by doing this or are they simply contemptible attention seekers, like those people who paint their bodies during cricket matches?
I'm sure a homosexual can lead a very normal life without making too much noise about self's sexuality or without advertising the 'Gay' status. Just like a heterosexual does. But some people simply refuse to see things that way. While they argue that homosexuality is a very normal thing, with which I agree completely, they insist on an abnormal display of of their preferences. Anyone with a contrarian view is simply regressive, I suppose!
But this girl has gone a step further from just announcing herself Gay. She tried to put a whole new feminist angle to her lesbianism and tried to explain her sexual preferences as a result of her feminist attitude. Would she shed her lesbianism if she finds an impotent man who is not interested in her body, but loves her all the same? Or would she still have a fling with a girl, because her lust for a female body is 'pure' and 'superior' to that of a man's lust for the same?
It is not like every misogynist is gay. Why does feminism have to result in lesbinanism? If a feminist is lesbian, it is a mere coincidence rather than a result of natural progression. And this is what makes both feminists and homosexuals, 'special interest' groups. They are special interest groups because they simply refuse to be a part of the mainstream. I think it is plain stupid.

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