Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hallph K-nowlejj!

Paris thinks she can sing. Every celebrity thinks he/she can paint, apart from being able to act, dance, sing, write poetry, condemn Modi, discuss budget with Barkha Dutt among several other things. And they do it all so professionally, you'd think Leonardo Da Vinci was a fraud!
So I saw this great ad on tv today.....
An electrician, repairing a mains switchboard, is hustled about by the house owner who says, 'Do it properly! i know a lot about this kind of a job!' Evidently, to impress his wife who's standing around. Otherwise, all he knows about 'the job', as it appears, is he can find out if a fuse is blown and probably can switch on the fuse again... u know! one of those DIY (Do It Yourself) enthusiasts!!
The electrician turns around and says, "Sir, then you must know! Blah... blah... DC current... blah... Load.... blah.. blah.... Single Phase current.... blah... and a two-phase swithc... blah..."
The house-owner tucks his tail in and runs away!!!!
Pretty funny! I looked at the guy with the contempt he deserved. These people seem to think they know everything and try to show it off as frequently as possible. Like all those wise guys I met in my tenure as a car-loaner, who insist on interviewing you about the entire Financial Management course to find out if their interest-principal break up is properly calculated!
But you know why I found the ad so funny? I'll tell you. The fun part in the entire thing is, I'M THAT HOUSE-OWNER GUY!!
Yeah, really!! I'm one of those guys who's frequently asked, 'how do you know so many things about so many things?' And I reply, 'Because I know so many things!'
But the truth is, all I know about electric fuses can be summed up as, 'they blow up occasionally'. But my mom being my mom, she doesn't know that a green switch, when flicked up, miraculously brings her back into light from darkness. And she gets a little closer to untruth from truth, when she thinks her kid is a genius....!
When I got a computer assembled, I haggled with the seller a lot about the 'Cabinet', showing off all I knew about computers from my internet researches. I insisted on an AT Cabinet since some article said it 'makes for a good display'. The seller suggested I take a mini Cabinet. He said it was gud enough for my comp. I said, 'NO, I know all about computers!! I want to play games, watch movies and all that jazz! I want a good display, so AT cabinet it is!' He asked, 'Do you know what an AT Cabinet is?' I chewed water, and he picked up the dabba that we call CPU, and said, 'the empty dabba is cabinet and insides are motherboard and processor etc... How the hell does this dabba make your display better?' I hated americans since then! And bought a mini cabinet and the other parts at the sole discretion of the seller...... That happened about 10 years ago...
Finally, I thought today, they made an ad about me!!

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