Sunday, February 10, 2008

Out of Range!

A TV ad for a mobile company is on. A just-out-of-teens guy is jamming to a Black Eyed Peas song that goes, 'bebo, bebo, be... bebo, bebo, be'. He says it is his caller tune and if u like it, call him and press * key... an absolutely hot PYT moves out of the background and does exactly that and jams to the tune too..

Another ad follows. This is a cola ad... an aged actor and a relatively younger actor are snubbed by a teenager who calls them 'Uncle!'

A third ad is for a mobile phone... a dad is shouting his lungs out at a 20 yr old son, who tunes him out by switching on his FM radio phone and lets the tirade go on...

What's common between these three ads? Think, think. Not able to find anything?

I'll tell you what. For all the three ads, I"M NOT THE TARGET MARKET! Yeah, that's what is common. These ads are for teenagers and ppl below 25 yrs. I'm 28 now; I don't have PYTs falling for me just for my caller tunes; my dad doesn't irritate me no more; and I don't call 40yr olds Unlce no more! And marketers don't make ads for me no more! They don't even think I need to be induced to buy these products, good or bad. They take me for granted!

But I'm young too! I try to look cool wearing Converse joggers, I have two i-pods, I update myself on the hip-hop scene and I generally enjoy youth like it needs to be done. Today some cricket commentator called Simon Taufel, the world's best umpire, a 'young man'! Simon Taufel is 37 years old. I'm only 28! By no standards am I old or un-cool. Then why don't marketers make ads for me?

Why can't a hardworking CA with a banker's job drink Cola? Or buy a cool phone with a cool tune? I mean, he can, nobody stops him from buying! But my problem is, why don't they make an ad for me, so that I can not just do cool things, but also feel cool about it! Even in marketing surveys, they put my age bracket as 27-35! 27-35?? I'm not the same as a 35 yr old guy! Even 35 is young by Taufel's standards... I'm but a kid, if u consider that!

Wait, wait there's another ad... I think this one is for me....

A man is asking his wife to sign the insurance papers, so that if he's dead, his kid can continue to go to school. He looks like me, just abt 28-30, tie and a neat office attire, but wait a minute, I ain't married yet! Is that the only product I can buy?

Another ad... another ad...

This one is for a cholestrol free cooking oil. The background song goes:

'Babu... Samjho Ishaare.... Horn pukaare..... pum pum pum..!!!!'

Is this for me?!

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