Friday, May 24, 2013

Dubai Man Thinks Burj Khalifa is Giving Him the Finger

A man from Dubai has issued a written statement on his blog that the Burj Khalifa severely offended him, sources report. An Indian origin writer based in Dubai, who wished to remain anonymous only for the purpose of this news report, has enraged scores of Dubai-ites by reporting that Burj Khalifa showed him the dreaded 'middle finger' which is an offensive gesture used by people across the world.

"Burj Khalifa showed me
the finger"
Blogging about how the incident precipitated, Devan aka Raaj, the anonymous writer, wrote that he "does not always get shagged" and the "(desire) dies before you even wake up". Further, he wrote "This time I thought I'll use the 'fantasy' method", and "Burj Khalifa passed the fantasy test". As per his version, he sat at a distance from the Burj and indulged in his fantasy during a moonlit night recently.

Sources opined that the fantasy appears quite strange. An expert we spoke to later, however, felt that this wasn't unusual. He said that phallic symbols like tall buildings always triggered fantasy.

The anonymous writer sat admiring the Burj Khalifa, which he lovingly referred to as the 'black and white beauty' and was reportedly happy with his progress. "I thought the foreplay was fine and it is a good start", he wrote, no doubt unaware that public lewd acts in Dubai are a strict no-no. We are not sure what kind of foreplay he indulged in.

Further in the blog, the writer appeared to lament that he could never get close to Burj Khalifa and did not yet get any 'views from the top'. At this juncture things apparently came to a dead end which he metaphorically described as "the battery of my laptop....(gave) up on me". The events after this were not clear to us, but the Burj Khalifa appeared to have been thoroughly provoked by this time and the anonymous writer aka Devan aka Raaj was shocked to see the finger. "Burj this time looked as if it was showing the middle finger to me", he wrote.

He described the situation as "lame ass" later. Authorities are investigating.

"I mean, really!" said another expert after learning about this incident.

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