Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bas! stop!

Sitting in this bus stop, the first thing that comes to my mind is 'why the fuck don't they hav backrests on the seats??'

I spend my evenings in bus stops these days. Like I told someone today, open-air, public places are less depressing than closed ones. Ask me. I know! Parks served this purpose in the good old days. I choose bus stops coz they suit my mood perfectly. The clutter and the clamor, the dust and the dug up roads behind. They serve as the perfect backdrop for the mood I carry when I walk in. Presently, it brightens up.... A jingling sequined money purse walks in, and in another moment, an outlandish hair do follows.

All eyes turn to the new arrivals and check out the prospects. I check for toe rings ofcourse. I'm strictly principled on that aspect. Anyway, nothing lasts forever, so the assorted accessories leave with the next bus that comes blaring in and bullies its way out. Some peering eyes leave too, some stay back. I ofcourse stay back too. I have nowhere to go. I have no one to meet.

There I continue to sit, for hours sometimes. Looking at the ones who come in and the ones that go out. Sometimes a stray dog keeps company at my feet. Lazily yawning at the milieu around. I yawn too sometimes. At the very same milieu around.

They say buses stop here for a brief while and hurry away. I know that time too stops sometimes. That's when 15 minutes seem like an hour. And five hours seem like five minutes. It stops sometimes and it hurries away.

Sometimes I check if my mobile is still in my pocket. Sometimes I don't bother.

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  1. Anonymous10:12 PM

    And you never said Bas.