Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Latest news: All the posts on my blog accidentally got purged after I attempted to change the labels.

Now for a fresh start!

Thank you for reading my 97 posts so far! I was trying to summarise my blog activities for the 100th one, hence the idea of re-engineering. But it wasn't meant to be!

And what a way of realising how fragile life is! It's like someone just killed my alter-ego!

But no regrets. I like this kind of grounding once in a while. Keeps life going!


  1. Its great that you are taking this is a chance to start again instead of something that makes you think, "what the hell, why bother." What you have written so far will only inform your future writing to make it better. (note: confirmation word for this comment was "betur." Coincidence?)

  2. Just see this.. For your earlier blogs, it might have taken atleast 40 blogs to get the first comment.

    Now a two-bit welcome speech and you already have two readers.... Way to go.....

  3. Six readers actually... that's wot my counter says. got a couple of offline comments too!

    Am I proud or what1


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