Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Non-Attachment Theory

Atleast three people asked me so far how I could react so coolly to the blog disaster. I take it as an opportunity to write a new post!
Well, it happened to me before too, you know! No, my blog didn't vanish before. What I mean is, I've seen a near total purge of a comfortable situation more than once in life and I have enough practice by now. How do you feel when something like this happens? Like someone just pressed the 'Reset' button somewhere. Like in a video game, when you are in Level 10 and about to win, but the evil wizard just zonked you and you are back in Level 1 again! Like a fragile mirror just slipped through your fingers. And every molecule in your body lunges forward to catch it, but your hand doesn't react as fast as your eyes. Every hair on your body stands up for a moment. For that split-second, nothing else matters to you in this world, but that mirror plunging faster than your heart. For that split-second, you instinctively want to do a million things to stop it from hitting the floor, but you could do none! It's too late, it's broken now, it's done! You look at the million pieces of a mirror that met its destiny and all you could do is to wish to turn the clock back for that split second. I don't know what you do at such times. As for me, I just say 'Oh, shit!' and sweep the pieces out of my life forever!

Ah, that's life! Beautiful, isn't it?
It is not as if it didn't affect me. I went to an English Speakers' club last night and spoke to an audience for the first time in many years. I was thinking of giving a political speech about the youth of India, but after the mirror incident I decided to speak about Indian philosophy! Er... did I say the mirror incident? I mean, the blog incident ofcourse!
I spoke at length about the diversity of languages, religions and cultures in India. The repeated invasions and their influence on modern India. In the end, we spoke about karma and the evils of caste system. Ofcourse they asked about Bollywood too! It was an evening well spent and it sort of relieved my slightly disturbed mind. It also gave me confidence about my speaking abilities, though this was only 20 people listening and it was quite a friendly atmosphere.
Ok, I've got work to do... and let's end the post here!

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