Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Sonnet on the Greens!

He's a poet! An artist! A Genius!He's the best example of "Glory" in his field! He's the God of the willow!

  • Highest Run getter in One Day Cricket
  • Highest Run getter in Test Cricket
  • Highest number of centuries in both the forms
  • Eighty One Centuries
  • Hundred and Thirty Nine Half-centuries
  • Two Hundred and Thirteen Sixes
  • Over Two Thousand Fours
  • Twenty Eight Thousand Three Hundred and Eighty International Runs

And over a Billion fans, growing at the speed of birth rate in India!!

He stands tall among his contemporaries and is in the inimitable league of Sir Don and Brian Lara!! He stands at the top with the greatest of them, of any country or sport.....

Celebrating the Master's Moment:

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