Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Out-Raj-e!

Raj Thackeray might think slapping a few Biharis and terrorising non-locals may be manly enough to win him votes in the next election. Lalu might see that as an opportunity for his own resurgence in Bihar. But the country is outraged! And how!
Look at these comments by readers on a news site:
(ofcourse, the Desh Bhakt meant to say that they are 'two sides of the same coin'!)
"...he needs to be put behind the bars at the earliest for acts of terrorising students on non bailable warrants." - V.K. Saini
(who's terrorising students on non-bailable warrants?! This is news to me!)
"Dirty mind like his nees to be cleaned....for the sake of society..for the sake of mumbai...and for the sake of the country! " - rakesh
(Wow, I like this guy! A classic case of rhetoric. He'll make a good politician!)
"So plz try 2 clean ur dirts first before showing others there" - Nam
(Wot does he mean showing others 'there', but clean the dirt first? Where are the censors?!)
"Let us create enough infrastructure at other location just like Mumbai. and I feel the best man to do so is Mr Laloo Prasad Yadav..... Let us join hands and One more mumbai like city to be developed in Bihar. Polarisation will be avoided" - Amita Walkar
(Ha ha! You wish!)
"Its nothing but height of ignorance like look through they key hole of a glass window. " - shiv
(This guy just invented an idiom?)
"Lalu is right. Who suffers: Poorest of the poor. Underprivileged....... MNS should be declared a terrorist organization." - HBD
"Lalu is wrong. It is not correct to say that MNS is like a Terrorist organization. It is an outright terrorist organization........ and (Raj Thakarey) should be put behind the bars .." - Dr. V Sekkar
(If you noticed, both of them are saying the same thing though their approach is different! English is a funny language!)
"Laluji and Raj are same side of coin and fooling people of country" - Dr.Shinde
(Wow, another guy who thinks they are on the same side of the coin! Wonder who's on the other side!)
And the final one - a single line comment that attracted my attention. This guy has the final word on this matter!
"Those people responsible should be punished." - rajeev
(I was left wiping my tears after reading this passionate, yet objective opinion! He'll become a cabinet minister someday!)

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