Sunday, August 03, 2008

Good Mourning India!

25 May 2008 "Hooch Tragedy claims 180 Lives"
A batch of illicit liquor consumed by people of the lower sections of the society claimed 180 lives over the past two weeks as per officials in the southern states of India. It is believed that the toll could rise further, fearing that several litres of the deadly mixture is still at large.

Aug 01, 2008 "32 people killed in Gautami Express Fire"
A fire broke out in the sleeper coaches of an Indian train, Gautami Express, killing 32 people so far and injuring atleast 40 more, of which a few are in critical condition
Aug 03, 2008 "80 killed in stampede at Naina Devi temple"

A stampede in the hill-temple of Naina Devi in Himachal Pradesh resulted in atleast 80 deaths, with several hundreds injured. The toll could be much higher as per the temple tehsildar, but cannot be estimated immediately due to the utter chaos prevailing at the popular pilgrim center.
Who the f**k needs terrorists in this country??
People die like mosquitoes every day!
If we keep going like this, mera bharat mahan will soon become Mera Bharat Kahan????

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