Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Mall, Love

He is the shy kind - the type that has difficulty maintaining eye contact with girls. She is decidedly bolder and was unabashedly eyeing him while talking to an older man. He had but minutes before his friends arrived, but it will take years for him to gather the courage. She negated the need and started walking towards him.

Such grace, such poise!

An enchanting smile slowly broke on her lips and his heart started pounding like a steam engine. Each passing second seemed like an eternity to him as he stood watching her cross the Mall floor.

For a split second, a deep primal fear rose in his heart. Was she looking at someone else standing next to him? A rival, perhaps? In that split second, he was mentally prepared to be heartbroken, but also got ready to fight a fierce duel with the evil rival who is sure to mistreat the fairy. He quickly looked around to find that his fears were unfounded. There is no rival. She is his again!

Every angelic movement of hers heightened his fluster. When she batted her mascara heavy eyelids, he filled his lungs with awe and held his breath. When she brushed away stray hair from her brow, he almost lost consciousness!

After what seemed like forever, she stood in front of him with an ever growing pearly smile. A smile that betrayed an unknown familiarity. Familiarity, that transcended mere trifles like life and death. He could have grabbed her in both arms and fought the world in that moment.

Only he was too tongue tied to say even a word. There he stood, without an expression or word while the girl of his dreams, the ordained one, his soul mate stood in front of him. But, like we said before, she was the bolder one. She fished a stack of cards from her stylish skirt pocket and held it up to him.

'Sir, lucky draw? You can win a holiday for two nights - three days,' she said in a voice gone hoarse from asking a hundred people already.

In an instant, his friends arrived at the entrance and he walked away hurriedly without saying a word.

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