Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Brief Travelogue

The bus moved ahead at a slow pace, leaving the thinning traffic behind. The landscape changed into gray, unkempt grassy knolls. Sun light broke sluggishly on the winter morning revealing the spanking concrete roads turning suddenly muddy. Slush splashed around with an occasional passing vehicle.
I finished reading two NYTimes articles about the rare legislative successes of Obama and fell into a deep thought about the busy lameduck session in US. The noisy AC compressor in the bus broke my thought and I wondered how long it would take before the seemingly endless journey ceased. I had a longer journey ahead after this.

You'd be excused for thinking that I'm on a cross terrain trip in the innards of territorial India. Fact is, I'm in a bus inside the Mumbai Airport, travelling from Terminal 1A to the parking bay of a Kingfisher flight to Chennai!

Jesus, can't they get the roads right anywhere in this country? Potholes inside an airport?! And why in the name of Praful Patel do they have to park aircraft half way down to Chennai?

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