Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Before the story begins....

All the characters in this story seem real and resemble somebody alive or dead (hopefully dead). Apart from the basic resemblance such as two eye sockets, two ears, one nose and a usually loud mouth, some characters actually act, talk and behave like some of the readers. My sincere condolences if you see yourself in any of the characters in this book, because you are definitely destined to be fried in the dirty, deep frying pans in Hell filled with rotten pork oil.

I don't have any hesitation to say that some incidents are definitely real. Particularly events involving office toilets that are not flushed properly and porn movies played in office conference rooms. Some large organizations may want to sue me for this book, but then that would mean they are claiming the dirty laundry, thereby letting me have the last laugh anyway.


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