Friday, April 10, 2009

Brown, Barack and Bobby

So Barack was in Europe recently. Great speeches ofcourse. From Michelle too, this time!

A minor incident occurred on the trip. Obama, stepping into 10 Downing, saw the quintessential bobby standing guard outside. He leant over, said something to him which was unfortunately inaudible to the thousand journalists standing there to catch exactly something like that and shook the hand of the police officer. The officer was visibly delighted and, as an NY times Op-Ed columnist puts it, "like everyone else who has his palm touched by Barack Obama, he was visibly transported and briefly forgot himself...." The policeman left his hand hanging in the air, whether to offer it to Gordon Brown who was right behind, or with the sheer hope that the touch he felt would linger in the air like some elvish fragrance of a fair maiden!

(Ok, that was a by-product of The Lord of the Rings I'm reading now and some sniffing of elvish fragrances I've been indulging in of late!)

Any case, Brown couldn't see the hand as he never notices the Policeman standing guard. Or so the vindictive British press would have us believe. Given that Gordon Brown is an isolated man these days and is fast climbing down from the seat he occupies, he should have taken the only hand that was offered!

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