Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Forgettable Conversation

"NAME" she demanded suddenly, with a colon at the end of the word.

There was no introduction, no welcome and I was a bit taken aback. I mean, I expected a warmer welcome! The girl who smiles on their TV advertisement misled me. They should not put pretty girls with smiling faces in advertisements, when the reality is so rude. I told myself to be patient with her now, and try to work on her with my charm. You know, just to soften up the conversation and make it a bit more pleasant for myself! I like things that way. However brief, I'd like all my conversations to be warm and touching. I may not want people to leave thinking they just met the next Jesus Christ, but it doesn't hurt when they say to themselves 'nice!' after talking to me. I really like things that way!

"DATE OF BIRTH" she demanded again. With the colon at the end still hanging tight.

My temper was running loose now! I mean, if someone wanted to know my age, I'd like them to take a guess a first. And when I reveal it, I want them to compliment me on my boyish looks and the newly gained fitness. Not just jump straight to the exact date of my arrival! What kind of a bank is this? Do they teach any manners here?!

But I needed that account and they are the cheapest in their account charges! I assumed they were the most friendly too, looking at that pretty girl on TV! Her name is N_______ I think. She also acts in a daily soap, mostly sobbing through her screen time. But she is really pretty. Got a sexy figure too! You should see her dancing. She's got an amazing derr....

What the....! Isn't a guy allowed a little private thought here? Who runs this Guantanamo Bay, for God's sake? She is so rude! I mean, I know I had fallen into a bit of daydream about N______ but this is not the way someone should interrupt me! I'm about to be an esteemed customer in this place, damn it! Does that mean anything to anyone at all here? There are so many people sitting behind the counters with zombie-like countenances and the computer screen reflections on their shining faces! Can't any of them shake the cobwebs off their joints and deal with me? I find myself stuck knee-deep in rudeness here!

Listen! I know I'm here only for the low account charges you advertised! I know I'm a bit low on the dough and want a cheap deal. But I'm not so cheap! Believe me! When you know me better, you'll see that I'm a likeable guy! Why don't we work over this conversation a bit and....

"PAN: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _"
Can you fuckin treat me with some fuckin respect here? I'm fuckin trying to talk to you!
I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I shouldn't have used the F word. But I'm not demanding much, am I? Just a little civility to a guy who wants to do business with you! Can you give me that atleast? I really want to open an account with you!

That was the final straw! I crumpled her angrily and threw her into the dustbin. Then and there! Somone in the zombie staff looked up with a bit of amusement while I was stomping out. But I didn't care! I have a little self-respect left still, damn it! And I won't tolerate such rude talk from an uncivil piece of application form, however crisp and sleek!

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