Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Misquote...

Somewhere on the western coast of Scotland, there lives in the house of Ilanora and Chris, a scraggy, greying dog called Sally. She is a cross between a magnificent specimen and something forgettable. Sally is strikingly affectionate. She patters across the floor, she pants, she pines for attention the moment she sees any life form capable of reciprocation. As if she craves for the tiniest bit of love you can spare for the piteous mongrel and she is begging you to know that it means the world to her. It would be horribly insulting to call it an identity deficiency. I think there is an aspirational streak hidden in it somewhere. To be a step higher in your eyes.
Ilanora's daughter, Kirsty, said to her mother, "Ugh! She's so wuff!! How do you bear with her?"
My friend travelling with me said, "Oh, she is so pitiful!"
I said, "I feel like she's my soulmate!"
So I reached across for my dreams and listed them down on an excel-sheet, balancing against the mountains I need to climb and the 5% preclosure charges the banks will collect. I left a tenpence coin behind to make a wormhole in my lifestory, hoping to someday fill it up with the surplus on my excel-sheet. Only, there is no surplus in sight and time is running out. Sally is greying and still didn't find peace with her identity. I connect with her on that point. Grey hair included.
A random customer drops in the other day asking for a favour. Social compulsions forced him to ask where I lived and if I was married. I didn't think it was appropriate to lie.
"Oh, how old are you?", he said.
"Twenty nine"
"Time to get married!", he added. I was sure he meant to say 'too old'! A random guy, with a random opinion.
I don't understand why I react to such things. Like a teenager rebelling against the world, establishing his point of view. Like in one of those teen flicks of Hollywood. Funny, most of these flicks seem to have Prom nights or house parties in them somewhere, that save the whole world in the end! Do you know of any teen flicks without a house party or a prom night in them?
Anyway, my point is the journey began and as usual, it is yet to shift into gear. But I hope it does, and I hope I won't let Sally down! I began working on my dream career and I hope I can make it to the end.
If I don't, you can treat this all as a misquote....

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