Tuesday, July 01, 2008

1000 Visitors on the Meter!

Fans of the King, Rejoice!

My sitemeter clocked its 1000th visit in less than a year after it was installed!!

The lucky 1000th visitor was routed through the servers of btcentralplus.com - and investigations reveal that he/she was a googler from the UK who was looking for a specific phrase - "Nigerians in Bombay"

As it happens, this phrase appears in my 'The Copywright" in an oblique reference to Old Jack's opinionated existence! But since it was not really relevant to the objectives of the search, the visitor left presumably unamused!

I can hear a few Critics saying: 1000 visits don't mean 1000 people; and atleast 250 visits were made by me alone to go back to review my glory; and my site meter wasn't installed for atleast 1 year after my blog was started; and it was down for a few months in between too; so the count is not right; and at best the total number of people who came on to my blog including "the accidentally stumbled" would be 35-40 in all. So the 1000 visits on the meter is the most insignificant statistic in my life and there is really no cause for celebration!

My reply: Oh, Wot Da Heck! Didn't u notice the name of this blog?

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