Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Wassup in India?

Righteous indignation apart, check out this update on the situation in India:

Mail from me to a former colleague, Shri Areef Khan:

Khan Saab! Kya haal hai? How are things... khoob paisa waisa kamaa rahe ho ki nai? -KK

Khan Saab's response:

KK saab, yaha india mein aur india ka haal ye hai:

Inflation - 7%
Industrial production index - below 5%
Sensex - 15K (struggling)
Real Estate got screwed and is melting
Bullion is increasing
Commodities prices are increasing
Govt may impose Essential Commodities Act
RBI has hiked CRR rate

hum kya khaak aur ghanta paise banayenge??

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