Tuesday, January 08, 2008

"DETOX 90"!!!

That's the plan!!

Have been wanting to update this on my blog for eons.... (8 days to be precise)!

DETOX90 is a wonderful plan I rolled out for meself on 1st Jan in a moment of inspiration... And this is what it takes:

The plan is for 90 days, and it will detoxify my body and make me fit for another round of binge and revelry in the coming years (I hope!)So what is Detox 90?

  1. No Booze for 90 days
  2. Pranayama from the 10 th day until the end.... (yes! finally...)
  3. 4 meals a day including 1 meal consisting of fresh fruits/juices/salads for the first 15 days
  4. From the 16th day, 5 meals a day (small meals, I mean) including 2 meals consisting of fruits/greens
  5. Atleast 3 litres of water consumed daily
  6. Oil baths every sunday

There it is... simple, yet effective!

One may ask, if I can do it for 90 days, why not keep up for the rest of the long life?

Ah, but u r missing the whole point! The reason why I want to detoxify, is to be fit as a fiddle for the spring partying I intend to do!! And it will be a party to remember!

'what bbakkwass!!'

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