Monday, December 17, 2007

In a valley

Deep down in the valley
there's a man craving to be heard
He whispers, he mutters
he shouts and screams
Passing clouds and jesting gods
reply to him in their own tongue
The man hears his own voice
echoing through the alleys of time
And says, 'there's no one here but me'
The clouds laugh, the gods smirk
The man, none the wiser
sleeps in silence under a banyan tree
He dreams of a land full of love
Brimming with kind people
who lend him an ear
stroke his arm, soothe his fears
The land is a dream, he knows it too
and he is alone if he wakes
so he lets it continue
For sleep is his only mate
dream is his only hope
sleeping under that banyan tree
That man is me......

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