Sunday, July 01, 2007

I realised the other day, it is very difficult to celebrate life. There is always something to grudge about....
It is inherent to life, I guess. But is it designed to be that way? Is it a feature of life that happiness is always challenged by something? If not an immediately personal problem, something like people tasting sea water mixed with sewage and claiming it to be sweet. It certainly kills the spirit that day.
How do happy people 'stay' happy? I think the solution is
(a) ignore everything, stay aloof, remain detached and stay happy
(b) get into everyting, show your concern, make a difference to the extent you can, stay happy
While the first seems very simple, it requires a lot of self restraint. I think. Second is an almost task for me. I don't want to be that.
I think I'll live with the thought that I cannot 'remain' content forever.
(recovered with 1st Jul 07 date stamp)

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