Sunday, July 01, 2007

I am celebrating this one!


I got the first comment on by Blog! Actually two of them. At the time of going to press, I am completely overwhelmed with emotions and on the verge of declaring the next week a period of unrestricted revelry and binge.

People of malicious intent and jealous outlook may allege that the comment my post received isn't exactly anything to talk about, leave alone dedicating a blog post, I feel what matters is whether I received a comment or not, and not whether it is a word of praise afterall.

Why I feel exactly like a space scientist, first to discover life on Mars!

'Brothers, there is life indeed on this planet! And one of the anonymous beings actually read my blog and wrote a comment.'

'Now isn't that a rocker of a news, Houston? You'll keep my Nobel prize ready when I come back, won't you?'

(recovered with 1st Jul 07 date stamp)

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