Sunday, July 01, 2007

Blogging... Slogging...

For the 2543rd time, I decided I'll revive my blogging habits. Guess it is more out of the frustration that I'm unable to think of anything to write, or maybe out of sheer laziness... I don't know which... but my blogging has just been as regular as any of my other 'resolutions' to make something of my existence.I think I make an excellent study to develop that old concept for my intended masterpiece - a book titled 'Lifstyle of a Loser'. All I need to do is to get someone to maintain my diary and publish it someday!

Wow! Think of it - get SOMEONE ELSE to maintain my diary! What a thought. I'm really a genius.

One good reason why I think I haven't been maintaining the blog is no one else reads it. But the beauty lies in the fact that I never told anyone about my blog. Why would anyone read it then? Frankly, who cares?

Btw, the hottest news for the day is: I learnt a valuable lesson today.

Take two headphone sets and cut the phones out from one set. From the other set, cut off the plug. Join the loose ends of the cords to make one mega length headphone set - almost double the length of a normal one. The lesson here is, you'll end up ruining both the sets, since it won't work. I tried all combinations, but it simply didn't. I threw all the material away and emerged wiser (a little).

(recovered with 1st Jul 07 date stamp)

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